48 Storey's Way

was a commissioned photographic project for the Talbot family that evolved during numerous visits between March 2002 and November 2003.

48 Storey’s Way, Cambridge, is an Arts and Crafts Movement house designed by Hugh Mackay Baillie Scott and was built in 1912-13. 

John, Jen, Hannah, Beth, George and Charlie (the dog) have lived here since 2000.

This home is a place of generosity and encouragement where individual passions are nurtured.  Through the extended exposures of the pinhole camera I made portraits of the rooms and recorded the families presence whilst they were each engaged in a characteristic

activity.  As shadowy figures they hover at the point of recognition and it is the space around them that is still and calm, providing a solid framework for the transient nature of being.

The project resulted in a series of photographs for the wall and a hand made artists book.

All work © Kathryn Faulkner, 2008